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HK CTS Hotels Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China National Travel Service (H.K.) Group Corporation (abbr. as ¨HK CTS Group〃). We focus on: dedicating the best hospitality services to all guests; offering optimal values and returns to hotel owners; providing career enhancement and development for employees; and contributing professional services to hotels. We apply deliberate management and systematic applications with personal touches. By doing so, We have successfully pursued unique and tailor-made experiences for our patrons, maximized the returns on investment for hotel owners, whilst fostering sustainable development for all hotels.
Backed by CTS Group, HK CTS Hotels Co., Ltd. leverages the unique core competence in resources, marketing networks, professional calibres and capitalization strength, while benefitting from our root in Hong Kong and 20 yearsˇ hotel operation in mainland China.
HK CTS Hotels Co., Ltd. has a team of professionals and operates 60 hotels and more than 18,000 rooms in Hong Kong, Macau and major destinations throughout mainland China such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chizhou, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Jinan, Jiyuan, Lijiang, Nanjing, Pingdingshan, Sanya, Shenyang, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Taiyuan, Tangshan, Xiamen, Yangzhou, Yichun and Zhuhai.

〃Hotels Corporate Top 10〃 by <HOTELS> (China Edition) (2010) 
5th Starlight Awards of Chinaˇs Hotels (2010) 
¨Company Administrative Model of Chinaˇs Hotel Industry〃 : CTS Group
¨Top Hotel Management Group of China〃 : HK CTS Hotels Co., Ltd.
¨Top Ten Figures of Chinaˇs Hotel Industry〃 : Sun Wu, General Manager of HK CTS Hotels Co., Ltd.
No. 43 in ¨Top 300 Global Hotel Groups〃 by <HOTELS> (U.S. Edition) (2009) 
4th Starlight Awards of Chinaˇs Hotels (2009) 
¨Top Local Hotel Management Group of The Year〃 :HK CTS Hotels Co., Ltd.
No. 51 in ¨Top 300 Global Hotel Groups〃 by <HOTELS> (U.S. Edition) (2008) 
¨Top Thirty Largest Hotel Management Companies (Groups) of China 2007〃 by
¨Top Ten Largest International Hotel Groups of China 2007〃 by China Tourist 
Hotels Association (2007)
¨Top Ten International Brands of Chinaˇs Hotel Industry 2006〃 by China Tourist 
Hotels Association (2006)
¨International Brands Pioneer of Chinaˇs Hotel Industry〃 by China Tourist Hotels 
Association (2004)
¨Top Twenty Groups of Chinaˇs Hotel Industry 2002〃 by China Tourist Hotels 
Association (2003)

Grand Metropark Hotel?
Metropark Hotels can be found all over Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China, in the form of business hotels and suites, with one trait in common - stylish design and passionate service.
Regardless of whether you are here for business or leisure, we would offer a helping hand to make your stay a memorable one.

Traveler Inn
Each city has its own cultural characteristics, just as every individual has his own unique taste,?? which is why we choose to incorporate these unique features into our Traveler Inns, the only one of its kind in every city.

Traveler Inn Express

In line with the brandˇs concept of ¨simplicity〃, our logo is a true reflection of what the traveller desires - freedom (bright green) and energy (orange). This is indeed our belief, as we feel that everyone should be entitled to indulge in the pursuit of purity and serenity amidst the pother in the metropolis.
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