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Steady Development of Industry Investment
It is strategically important for HKCTS to change from a unitary travel service agency into a diverse investor. Steel and iron industry has become one of the three columns of the group, and electric power and petrochemical investment has obtained stable income for years.

 The predecessor of the company was jointly founded in 1993 by the HKCTS and the Economic Development Company of Xugezhuang Town in Tangshanˇs Fengnan District, with the HKCTS holding 51% of the joint venture. Today, the plant has grown into the largest producer (ranked 15) of hot-rolling strip iron nationally. The continuous casting and rolling project 1450mm (hot-rolling coiled material), with an independent intellectual property right in China, went into production. The project has enabled the Guofeng Iron and Steel Co. Ltd. to produce 5 million tons of iron, steel and rolled steel each annually, and rank among the largest iron and steel plants in China.

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